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Ultimate Cat Care Package!

Ultimate Cat Care Package!


The ultimate cat care package for feline lovers everywhere!


Cats need scratching posts to exercise, clean, and maintain their nails and typical cat scratch posts just don’t cut it. Ours is completely handmade and doesn’t rip apart as easily nor does it move around with the slightest push. It’s durable, can last decades, and is guaranteed to stimulate your feline friend's mind.


The addition of our cat knots provides an extra layer of fun and excitement for your cat. Just put a little catnip inside the cat toys and they’ll be overwhelmed with joy!


Why You NEED Our Cat Scratch Post & Cat Toys:

  • Premium American colonial staining with poly sealing
  • A long-lasting solution to your cat scratch post needs
  • Cat toys will stimulate your cat's mind and activate their natural hunting instincts
  • Fun bundle of two combining our Cat Scratch Post and Cat Toys


Watch your cat have the time of their life with our Cat Scratching Post & Catnip Toys!

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