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Double Wide Cat Scratcher

Double Wide Cat Scratcher


Have two cats at home? Or one that likes to nap on their scratcher (Don't they all!!) Or one that can’t seem to scratch enough? Our Double Cat Scratching Post will put your feline friend's mind at ease with a touch of playful joy!


This isn’t your standard cat scratching post. Premium timber wood surrounds the cardboard posts to not only extend the life of the scratching post but to drastically reduce the mess that’s left over from your cat. You’ll find fewer scraps on your floor and more bliss in your cat.


The cat scratch post is handmade from start to finish. An American colonial staining and poly sealing guarantee the cat scratch post lasts decades of scratching!


Why You NEED Our Double Decker Cat Scratcher:

  • Premium American colonial staining with poly sealing
  • A long-lasting solution to your cat scratch post needs
  • Double-sided cardboard provides extra scratching fun for your cat
  • Felt pads beneath the wood protect your flooring from scratching
  • They measure 19 1/2 x 10 x 2


Enjoy double the scratching for your cats with our Double Cat Scratching Post!

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