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Catnip Party Package!

Catnip Party Package!


There’s nothing more entertaining than watching your cat go crazy for catnip!


Well, now things just got more fun with our Catnip Filled Cat Toy. These little catnip knots make great gifts for your feline friend. Sit back, and watch the zoomies unfold before your very eyes!


These toy kits contain 1 catnip filled party knot, 2 colorful mice that rattle when played with and one other random cat toy such as a spring, fluffy ball etc.


Catnip toys for cats are essential for maintaining your cat's well-being both mentally and physically. These cat toys will have your cat moving and full of excitement the moment they drop the floor. They’re made of soft fleece fabric so it’s easy on your cat's teeth and simulates the fur of little rodents!


Why You NEED Our Catnip Toys for Cats:

  • Come in a variety of color schemes that will capture your cat's attention
  • Fill with catnip and your cat will go crazy during playtime
  • Crafted from the softest fleece fabric available so it’s gentle on your cat's teeth
  • Great way to stimulate a bored cat's mind and activate their hunting instincts


Provide fun and excitement for your feline friend with our Catnip-Filled Cat Toy!

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