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Cat Scratcher Double Sided Refill

Cat Scratcher Double Sided Refill


Running low on cat scratcher refill pads? We got you covered!


We know how much cats love ripping apart scratching posts and the inconvenience of going to Petsmart every week to replace them can be tiresome. Thankfully we have them fully stocked for you online so you never have to leave home again.


Our cat scratcher replacements will last even longer when placed inside our wooden cat scratching boards. It extends their usability and adds a touch of rustic charm to your living interior!


Why You NEED Our Cat Scratcher Refill Pads:

  • Double-sided to double the life of each cat scratching pad
  • Extend the life of each cat scratching pad by purchasing our wooden scratchboard
  • Essential for every cat owner looking to stimulate their feline friend's mind
  • Add a dash of catnip to the cat scratch pad and watch him/her go crazy


Don’t leave home for replacement cat scratch pads again with our Cat Scratcher Refill Pads!

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